Below are some links I thought might prove helpful. If you know of any good links for Nickerson family web sites or sites for families related to the Nickersons please let me know and I will try and add them here. A lot of these links are for Maine and the Hancock County area. That is only because my branch of the Nickerson family is from that area. Last updated August 17, 2009

Plymouth & Cape Cod MA Genealogy by Harry C. Hadaway, Jr.

Lots of information here on the Nickerson family. You can spend hours on this site just going through the 
Nickersons and related families. You will find a link to this site under sources on several (many?) pages in 
my records. I would like to personally thank Harry C. Hadaway Jr. for all the time and effort he put into 
creating this site.

Chatham Old Burial Ground - North & South Sections

This database contains chronological listing of Chatham gravestones dated up to 1759 including Nickersons.

Nickerson State Park - Brewster, Massachusetts

Nickerson State Park containing 1900 acres is located in southeastern Massachusetts on the mid-Cape.

A New England Genealogy

Nickerson links can be found on this site. It's not well indexed but with a little searching you might find some help with some of your Nickerson and related ancestors.

Early Settlers of Watertown Massachusetts

Bond's EARLY SETTLERS OF WATERTOWN contains genealogies of the families and descendants
of the early settlers of Watertown, Massachusetts. Written by Henry Bond, M.D. and published in 1860.

Free Pages Surname ListSurnames N - Nickerson

This page is an index to all the families found on Free Pages. It is well indexed and easy to use.

Maine Genealogical Society

If you are working on families from Maine you might find this society a help in your research.

Mayflower And Early Families

There were no Nickersons on the Mayflower but this page has a lot of interesting and helpful information concerning the early families of this country. Some of the families related to the Nickersons can probably be found here.

Ograms 17th Century New England

These links go to sites with genealogical and biographical information. I found it helpful in the past.

Nickerson Family Association

The Nickerson Family Association Inc., located on Cape Cod in the State of Massachusetts, is a family association devoted to the Nickerson family name and the descendants of William & Anne (Busby) Nickerson. There are presently over 1200 dues paying members and over 350,000 families in their files, with an estimated 1,000,000+ indivuals.

FuneralNet- America's Most Trusted Online Obituary and Cemetery Resource.

Funeral homes have an amazing amount of information about deceased relatives. Here you can find a funeral home in the area where you are doing research. If you contact a funeral home they may be able to give you some information. Some funeral home records go back at least to middle 1800s. If their records have been donated to a historical or genealogical society they can tell you where to find them.

Savage New England Register

A genealogical dictionary of the first settlers of New England, showing three generations of those who came before May, 1692, on the basis of Farmer's register. Written by James Savage and originally published in 1860-1862.

Descendants Of Brian Pendleton

There are a few Nickersons to be found on this site but none that my branch of the family are descended from. However there are Pendletons and Fletchers and other related families that do tie into my branch and I found this site very helpful while doing research for this web site.

A Barrel of Genealogy Links

This site has some interesting and helpful links for anyone researching their family history.

Genealogy Resources on the Internet - Maine

Lots of links to resources on the net, professional researchers, mailing lists, books, libraries, vital stats, and more. Family Finder

Searches the Internet for family information across a wide variety of data

E-Bay - Items matching (Nickerson)

It is surprising what turns up when you search this site for the name Nickerson.

Nickerson Family Genealogy Forum

If you are going here better pour yourself a cup of coffee or a drink and get comfortable - you may be here a long long time! Lots of Nickersons from all over the country and the world and lots of information.

Cape Cod Gravestones

Gravestones dated 1683 - 1860 or later in Barnstable County, Massachusetts. Gravestone records from the 15 towns of Cape Cod. You probably have to know what graveyard you want to search in order to find someone. I spent a couple hours on this site just looking around. If you don't find it helpful in your research you might find it interesting from a historical viewpoint. Some of the early Nickerson family graves are on here.


Vital Records - State of Maine

How to obtain vital records in Maine. Where to send for them, how much they cost, etc.

Social Security Death Index

This database contains information provided by the Social Security Administration through the end of January 2001 and contains 65,303,900 records. It is hosted by I found that while the death dates are usually accurate the birth dates are not always right. I found a cousin we had been searching for in this database. We weren't sure if he was still living or not. If a person was born before Social Security or had retired after it was begun they may not be in here. Also if a person has a Social Security number but the department hasn't been notified of their death they will not come up.

Cemetery Junction

All of the cemeteries are listed alphabetically by state, and can be searched by name. You can also jump from any page to any other state in the United States using the index. As many of the cemeteries in this directory are linked to transcriptions entered by volunteers not affiliated with this site, they ask that you send any questions regarding a particular listing to the individual that prepared it. I have found this site helpful and have entered a few of my family members as well.

Cyndi's List - Genealogy Sites

264,800+ links! A well indexed site to just about every genealogy site that exists on the internet.

E-Booksgen Links Page

If you don't find anything useful here you might find something on this site. This link will take you to E-Booksgen's Links Page. On this page are links to books, Canadian history and Canadian genealogy, genealogy links, history links, links for America's Original People, knights and royalty links, links for the UK, research, genealogy societies and newsletters, and links to web pages that contain more genealogy links. Also links to graveyards and sites that will help you find a grave and in some cases provide photos of the grave. It is easier to send you there than it is to list them all again on here! Sorry.


E-WW2DOC Links Page

This link will take you to a page of links that concerns World War II - some of them might be helpful to people reasearching that period. There are links to aircraft, bomb crews, World War II history and links to help people who are trying to find information on family members who served in the war, and more.

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