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About These Records: There is no Ahnentafel format for these records. I feel that it is a format that only the most experienced genealogists can really read or understand. With the computer you can go from one record to the next or search for a person in the index so I saw no need for it.

Relationships: To figure out your relationship to another family member click on this link to see a chart that might prove helpful. Relationship Chart.

Proof: Often people want proof positive concerning records for people like William Nickerson I. There is no proof once you get back that far. Documents do exist for various legal transactions, ship's passage, and things like that. But proof of relationships of one person to another rarely exist once you get back to the 1600s and earlier. Even some of the more current books are not always correct. A lot of records were lost or discarded over time. In the 1600s most of London burned and many records were lost in the fire. Even gravestones can be wrong. My great uncle's headstone has one date for his birth but his mother gives another in her journals. I would believe her! Records were not kept in one central depository until quite recently. If a town hall burned so did the only records of the inhabitants of that town. Family Bibles were often the only records kept of births, deaths and marriages. They were often burned, lost, or discarded. Births and deaths occurred at home until about 150 years ago or less. And prior to the last few years and the wide spread of DNA testing it was indeed a wise man who knew who is father was!!! At least in some cases.

Updated: As much as I would like to think I am infallible (and I know you will find this hard to believe!) I too make mistakes. Or in some cases just don't have information entered because I didn't have the info. So when corrections are made or information added to a file it will be stamped Updated so people will be aware that something on that page has been changed recently.

Citing Sources: If you are just starting to trace your family roots remember to record your sources of information. When I started out I thought this was just going to be something I did for fun for a few months. I had all the records I used in my possession and did not record exactly what I used for sources. Once I got serious about it I had to go back and find out exactly where I got the material I used in my records.

Family Records: As stated in "About Us" I will not put any records of living people on this website without that person's knowledge or permission.

Eclectic: This is a catchall button. It will take you to photographs, graveyards, updates, famous Nickersons, reunions, and probably a few other things.

Dates Old Style/New Style: The Gregorian calendar instituted by Pope Gregory abolished the ancient Julian calendar because of its error of one day in every 128 years had moved the vernal equinox to March 11. Gregory restored the vernal equinox to March 21. The British government imposed the Gregorian calendar on all its possessions, including the American colonies, in 1752. The British decreed that the day following Sept. 2, 1752, should be called Sept. 14, a loss of 11 days. All dates preceding were marked O.S., for Old Style. In addition, New Year's Day was moved to Jan. 1 from Mar. 25 (under the old reckoning, Mar. 24, 1700, had been followed by Mar. 25, 1701). George Washington's birth date, which was Feb. 11, 1731, O.S., became Feb. 22, 1732, New Style (N.S.).

Email: I try and answer all the email I receive. If I can't help you I will try and hook you up with someone who can. We have a lot of talented people and a lot of resources in this family so someone should be able to help.

Photos: If you have a photo of anyone in the records on this site and you wish to share it I will be happy to post it in that person's record. The only photos I have in the records now are mine. Some of the photos posted are not as good as the original due to noise, etc. from compressing the graphic. If there is a photo on here you would like for your records - if you email me I will send you the original photo which should be clearer and cleaner.

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