Five Generations - 2005 My mother is in the chair - she was 90 last year. We are Nickersons on my mother's side. Standing behind my mother with the white turtleneck shirt is me, Pat. On my right, in red, is my daughter, Sandra. On my left, in yellow, is my granddaughter, Chantell, Sandra's daughter. Sandra is holding Chantell's daughter, Alyana. My great granddaughter.

Hi! My name is Pat and I live in East Wakefield, New Hampshire. I have four children, nine grandkids, and six great grandkids. I am the granddaughter of Sewall Nickerson and his wife, Mittie Watts. I have been working on my branch of the Nickerson family for about 20 years now. This web page is an attempt to share some of the information I have gathered over the years with other members of the family. Most of the Nickersons on this site were located in the Hancock County area of the State of Maine.

I am attempting to put the records I have for the Nickerson family on this site. I have been receiving additions and corrections and I will add them as soon as possible. When a record has been updated I will mark it as such. I am not including information on our present generations as that would make it too easy for someone bent on identity theft. The names and information for any living member of the family will not be posted on this web site unless that person has requested it. Any input or suggestions are welcome. I don't know how much time I will have to devote to this. At the moment I am trying to run a business and that takes up quite a bit of time. I will try and add material on a regular basis - but as you know the best laid plans . . . often go astray!

The records on this site were started mainly for the descendants of William Nickerson. However as you go back in time you will probably find something that relates to your branch of the Nickerson family even if you are not a descendant of theirs. If you don't find what you are looking for here you might have some luck on some of the other sites on the links page. I highly recommend Harry C. Hadaway, Jr.'s database and have used it for my own research as noted in the records. Plymouth & Cape Cod MA Genealogy

Guess that's it for now. Hope you find some of the information on here helpful. If you find
errors or can fill in missing information please feel free to let me know.
Pat - June 2007

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